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Spirulina Weight Loss Works

Is spirulina weight loss really possible? For years, spirulina supplements have been making waves in Japan. It’s been used as an antioxidant and food supplement for people who lead a busy lifestyle and who can’t plan their meals well anymore. Today, it’s also being marketed as a weight loss complement. Apparently, certain properties of the blue-algae supplement encourages (or at least helps) weight loss. How exactly does spirulina weight loss work? And are these claims reliable?

How Does Spirulina Weight Loss Work?

Spirulina weight loss is actually more of an indirect effect caused by the supplement’s antioxidant properties, and the nutrients it can offer. Two things can make you fatter: stress and bad eating habits. Spirulina weight loss works by eliminating stress and cravings from the picture. Spirulina has 80 times more antioxidants compared to beta carotene. It also has 10 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 8 minerals, and proteins which are needed by the body. This means that when you take spirulina weight loss supplements, you won’t crave chips or sweets anymore. Most of the time people binge on junk food because they’re dealing with toxins in their bodies, or they lack nutrients. As long as you have enough spirulina in your body, you won’t have difficulty choosing the right foods anymore.

Diet and Exercise

spirulina weight loss

Even if you’re already taking spirulina weight loss supplements before meals (usually 5 grams of the product an hour before you eat), you should still avoid fatty and high sodium foods. Regular exercise is also necessary as the product doesn’t make your metabolism faster. If you take spirulina tablets or powdered supplements with junk food, the fat that you’re consuming won’t be blocked in your stomach. It will still be absorbed because it isn’t a fat blocker. It does contain good bacteria, which promotes healthy digestion and minimizes the risks of yeast infection.

Spirulina weight loss supplements are primarily still antioxidants and not weight loss agents. They have properties which could help your body lose weight if you’re already working out and following a healthier diet. They’re not slimming products though which trick your body into feeling full, or create walls around your stomach so certain chemical substances in your food won’t be absorbed by the stomach.


It is very important for you to consult your doctor first before taking spirulina weight loss supplements. Whether it’s in tablet or powder form, the supplement can damage your livers and kidneys if over consumed. It should be noted, that the same could be said with other supplements, organic or synthetic. The accurate dosage will depend on the person’s height, weight, age, and unique health condition. If you’re taking medicines, these may or may not interact negatively with spirulina weight loss supplements. You need to give a list of these medicines to your doctor too before taking spirulina supplements. If you’re allergic to any substances, particularly seafood, let your physician know. There might be something in the spirulina supplements which you’re allergic to. Spirulina weight loss supplements are generally well-tolerated and even praised, but a visit to a medical professional before intake is always recommended.

Spirulina Weight Loss Formulations

There are tablet and powdered forms of spirulina supplements in the market. The powdered form is less convenient, but it is more easily absorbed by the body. Also, as you may have noticed, some powdered forms of this supplement are more expensive than their tablet forms, even if they’re made by the same manufacturer. This could be an indication that the powdered formula is purer and more potent than the tablet form. For concentration details, just check the bottle’s label.